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11 SEO Tips for Website Optimization

By Heshy Friedman

Many people think that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an esoteric dark art, and only understood by shady “web guru” types. The reality is much more practical and down to earth.

SEO is really about providing consistent quality content with the right keywords, and making sure the pages are properly indexed, tagged, linkable, and ready to be shared. I am pleased to share some of my own SEO tips based on my experience dabbling in this subject since the days of yore, prior to the birth of Google when AltaVista, Lycos,  HotBot, and Yahoo ruled supreme.

I was approached by Jacob Busani, co-founder of the Power Entrepreneur network, with an invitation to host a Webinar on the topic of SEO. Jacob has been producing daily webinars on a range of business-related subjects, soliciting experts in various fields to share their expertise with people seeking to further their professional education.

The topic Jacob wanted the topic of my webinar to be “11 SEO Tips for Website Optimization.” I originally thought this was a poor choice, with everyone in panic mode because of the Coronavirus pandemic. But Jacob insisted that this is the best time for such a webinar, because people have less work and perhaps a little more free time to learn something from the experts on interesting subjects. Jacob was correct. The webinar proved to have been popular, and I received much positive feedback about it.

The webinar took place on March 31, 2020, at 3:30 PM, and was live on Zoom and Facebook. I recorded the video and published it on YouTube, and am happy to post it here.

The video will cover the following topics :

  1. Why Speed Matters
  2. Good vs. Bad URLs
  3. GMB: Your Secret Weapon
  4. Optimization & Keywords
  5. Site Elements
  6. Tagging Tips
  7. Google Analytics and Search Console
  8. Localization
  9. Why Blog?
  10. How Social impacts Search
  11. Quality Links


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