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Are you Taking Advantage of the Shutdown?

By Heshy Friedman

One of the standing rules of marketing is: if you double down on marketing when everyone else is cutting back, you’ll double your advantage when the market returns to full strength.

True, we don’t know when—or if— “normal” will return. One thing’s for certain—the business environment today is a completely changed landscape.

Teams returning to the office are questioning the old ways of doing things. They’ve been forced to adopt online processes and virtualization. They’ve adapted to it, and now the they’ve had a taste, they like it.

Videoconference vs. travel? Five-minute daily standup from your desk instead of a half hour or more in a conference room? For many, there’s no contest.

Clients have seen it too. Meetings are always disruptive, whether in the cloud or not. But so much can get done if everyone is disciplined. And they are disciplined, now that they’ve had some practice. Many more people are comfortable with this process than ever before.

Sales? Forget about it! If you were buying or selling on Amazon, you saw them get so slammed they nearly couldn’t function, and were choosing which deliveries to make, and to whom.

Takeaway? You control your own destiny, or someone else does. Are you their first priority?

If you want to capture that revenue, your online store has to be clean and sharp.

If you have—or had—a storefront, how well did it withstand quarantine? Are your windows and doors—and inventory—still secure after the unrest? How many person-to-person sales did you make last month? Did you cover your rent or mortgage? Are you being forced to consider closing your brick-and-mortar storefront?

So many of our friends, colleagues, and competitors have had to confront these hard questions.

Companies that haven’t adjusted to these realities are in for a surprise.

In the ongoing and post-coronavirus era, spending on physical presence, meeting and conference rooms, and office space is riskier than ever.

What’s your primary client- and prospect-facing real estate right now? It’s your online presence!

Now is the time to review your online presence. See if your website and social footprint are properly representing you and giving you the maximum competitive advantage.

For business professionals, your LinkedIn profile and social engagement presence is critical. This piece of virtual real estate is more important than ever. Your customers have adapted to socializing online during isolation—are you there, too?

More and more people are looking online for solutions, products, and consistent dependability. Outdated websites that are not mobile-friendly and are unable to facilitate sales have a huge disadvantage against their state-of-the-art competition.

But if you invest in yourself strategically now, you won’t just compete—you’ll win.

  • Do you need a secure login portal for your users to transfer digital assets, access proprietary intellectual property, or engage with sensitive private information?
  • Do you need an online store that just works—everywhere, every time, on every device?
  • Do you need videoconferencing capability, whether it’s cloud-based like Zoom, or a maximum-security fully end-to-end encrypted proprietary system over a virtual private network?
  • Do you need to establish—or refresh—your social presence online (where everyone is these days), so you can develop and nurture relationships and seek out new opportunities?

Let us help you get there.

We can virtualize your company.

Check our portfolio: our goal is to make sure you have an effective social presence and a beautiful, dynamic and capable website that will delight your new and returning visitors—and turn impressions into sales.

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