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As We Reopen (Safely!) It’s Time to Rethink and Re-strategize

By Heshy Friedman

The message couldn’t be more blunt—we’re not as “in charge” as we think we are.

If you asked anyone last year what they thought they’d be doing today, NO ONE would have guessed, “fighting off a global pandemic.” Not even the experts at the CDC, who spend all day thinking up scenarios like this, could have imagined that it would play out this way.

But that doesn’t mean planning is useless. Far from it!

In fact, the businesses that have survived—and thrived—during this time have been those that thought about their future, imagined options and alternatives, had ideas shelved away in their minds that they were ready to try out.

If you are in the food business and you thought about delivery, you were way ahead of your competition.

If you were in retail and you invested any time at all setting up an online sales plan, you were on your way to beating this downturn.

If you ran your business out of an office, and you planned for remote operations and working from home before the crisis hit, you probably made the transition a whole lot smoother, while others struggled.

Sitting at your desk, staring into space, considering the future…these are vital activities to the long-term health of your enterprise.

What if…

  • I lose my phone with all my contacts?
  • There’s a flood at my warehouse?
  • I get a million-unit order?
  • My biggest customer leaves?
  • Facebook wants to buy my app?
  • I want to grow 20% this year?

If none of these scenarios apply to you, I’m sure there are a few in your mind by now.

Don’t let them keep you up at night—think about them during the day. Ten minutes, once a week will be plenty. Maybe on a mountaintop somewhere?

Then make a list, and think about who you might want to talk to in each case—your lawyer, your CFO, your spouse, your business partner…perhaps your marketing partner.

The important part is to consider your opportunities, your hazards, and your vision for the future.
Like most big ideas, you don’t want to overwhelm yourself. The list will help. Consider how you might tackle something small that you want to accomplish.

After all, Amazon started out selling book overruns.

At our latest Rockland Business Breakfast Networking presentation, we hosted Alon David, founder of the 90x Goal Planner. In this video, his presentation starts at 17:30. It’s cued up and ready to watch here.

Key takeaway #1: Do you go through the motions or do you set goals every day?
Key takeaway #2: Do you have a system or a process for doing your strategic thinking in a productive way?
Key takeaway #3: Do you make short-term, incremental goals that lead to long-term, visionary goals?

The other key to achieving your goals: you will need help.

Whether it’s learning how to delegate or turning your workers into cheerleaders, it’s been the key to next-level growth since the beginning of business.

Many small businesses are small because they never take these steps. What about you?
Do you see yourself as a small business, or a not-yet-large business?

If you have a vision, we have ideas. Contact us today.

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