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Be Authentic, Be You

By Heshy Friedman

A Conversation with Profit with Law

Earlier this year, Heshy Friedman sat down with Moshe Amsel, host of the Profit with Law podcast series.

Profit with Law is a platform specifically focused offering coaching and business development advice to law firms seeking to improve their bottom line.

Heshy and Moshe had an in-depth conversation about the importance to law firms of their “internet “identity”—and the advice is worthwhile for all professional services businesses.

For those of you who like an audio podcast for your commute, you can listen to it here.

There’s also a rapid-read summary on the same page in the “Episode Highlights” section.

What’s changed since this was recorded?

During 2020, businesses found that large segments of the economy had suddenly moved to the internet. It became quickly obvious that surviving the mass shutdowns and disruptions required a robust online presence.

Those that had their web-based business tools in place hit the ground running, while everyone else scrambled to catch up—or got left behind.

Now, the U.S. economy is swiftly moving back into high gear, but many of the changes we saw earlier are proving to be sticking around for the long term.

In fact, as states reopen for business, the relevance of the internet to business success has become even more critical. Workers want to stay remote. Customers expect to do business online.

One of the key advantages to an online presence as compared to a brick-and-mortar location is the speed with which it can adapt. While shopping malls disappear and car dealerships struggle, a web page can quickly be updated to feature the exact tools and services that the customers demand.

What do I do now?

Early adopters may have enjoyed an advantage so far, but that doesn’t mean a late starter is out of luck.

Over a third of businesses still don’t have a website. You can outcompete them just by leaving them behind.

Then there’s the matter of getting noticed, which rests on three legs:

  • Search engine optimization, or SEO
  • Activity and relevance
  • Promotion, which includes paid advertising and publicity.

While there are many tools and tutorials out there to assist an amateur, there’s no substitute for the expertise of marketing professionals in these complex fields, especially for busy executives who value their time.

Am I too late?

There’s a saying in many fast-moving situations: “The best time to invest was last year. The second bet time to invest is right now.”

In fact, in some ways, the late starter is rewarded.

Starting right now means you get the latest and greatest tools working for you. And a fresh, up-to-date design and user experience (UX) puts you ahead of many of your competitors who may have created websites but have neglected them.

Like a tattered suit, a dated website can do more harm than good (something we have talked about before) .

It’s a commitment—but so is rent.

Yes, it’s not just a one-time cost. Just like any other complex machine, websites that work hard for you need regular maintenance and upgrades.

But these costs are minimal, compared to their value—and in this post-pandemic business landscape, the hazards of missing out are too great to ignore.

Law. Real estate. Financial services. Healthcare. Food. Manufacturing and logistics. Construction—and many more.

We’ve helped clients in dozens of industries reach higher, and we’re ready to help you make a difference, too!

Bottom line:
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