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Fake Likes are a Real Problem for Business

By Heshy Friedman

Many social media management and marketing companies will promise hundreds or thousands of followers and lots of Facebook views, clicks and likes.

Sure, they may deliver eyeballs. But it’s like cotton candy: no real substance, just a lot of fluff. These marketers are going through the motions, but the viewers they reach are most likely not—and never will be—your customers.

These views are easy enough to get—just follow the instructions you’ll find all over the web—instructions that so many social media and marketing companies stick to like gospel: “Push kids, cats and dogs, violence and other questionable material. Give them pretty pictures. Network with influencers who have massive audiences. Share the latest trending gossip, and always follow the crowd.”

We’re not kidding. That’s the advice that’s out there.

That might be useful for someone selling essential oils or belly-fat diets to daytime talk show viewers. But you’re not. You’re selling your unique high-value goods and services to business professionals and targeted consumers.

So what’s always relevant to your audience?


Information that they don’t have to search all over the web to find out about, thanks to you. Information that focuses on their market or interests, provides real insights, and gives them informed awareness or a competitive advantage. The audience that’s looking for that kind of information is the audience you want to reach.

That kind of audience can’t be bought from a “click farm” across the Indian Ocean, or gathered from Twitter’s “trending” feed. Sure, they may be on those platforms, and on LinkedIn, too. But they aren’t wasting time looking at click-bait memes. They’re focused on their business and related topics and they’ve tuned out the chatter. And so should you.

In business-to-business sales and services, you need to position yourself as a subject matter expert, a thought leader, and a news source. And for that you need a marketing partner that takes the time to understand your sector, research your offerings (your competitors’, as well!), seek out relevant content, and combine it all into relevant, actionable information.

If you are already presenting at seminars, producing original research, or innovating new products or services, you may already be producing the kind of quality content you want to publicize. You just need a partner who knows what to do next. We work with your documents, media and accumulated expertise to realize its true value and package it attractively for your audience.

Then we post it to your blog—which drives audiences directly back to you, not to a social content aggregator, with all their distractions—and we publicize it on targeted social media, supported by intelligent, relevant hashtags and backlinks that seek out your clients—because they’re looking for them.

Longer-form, carefully researched and smartly presented content like this rewards the reader for spending their time on your website. It promotes repeat visits and enhances the presenter’s image like nothing else can.

Don’t waste any more of your money on likes and clicks from viewers who are not prospects for your offerings.

We can help. Contact us today for more information.

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