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Halfway Measures Won’t Get You Halfway

By Heshy Friedman

I’ve just finished a prospect call, and once again, I’ve won a bet I made with myself.
You see, If the client says, “My online marketing isn’t working,” I run through a quick 8-point checklist with them. If less than half of the items are checked, I’ve won that bet.


I rarely lose.

The thing about online marketing—or any marketing, for that matter—is that doing the job incompletely is a waste of time and money. Your time, your money.

Companies may spend thousands on pay-per-click campaigns or advertising of all types, and it’s money thrown away if the customer is mishandled or misdirected.

Here’s the checklist:


  • Is your website compliant with proper security standards? (If not, it may be blocked or trigger a scary warning from a visitor’s web browser.)
  • Is your website content optimized for search with relevant keywords and other SEO basics? (If you don’t show up in searches, you may as well be invisible.)
  • Are your visitors welcomed by a modern, beautiful, easy-to-navigate website? (An old website is like a shabby storefront—it will turn off visitors.)
  • Will visitors find the path to their goal on your website? (Most visitors are ready to “bounce” after just fifteen seconds of frustration.)

Search and Social:

  • Have you established your presence online? (Google My Business, relevant social media, etc.)
  • Is your social media presence active, responsive, and engaging? (Customers return when they expect something new awaits them.)
  • Do you search yourself online to monitor your reputation? (Negatives can be fixed, but not by ignoring them.)

And most important of all:

    • Do you monitor your results—clickthroughs, conversions, social interactions, email response rates—and increase what works? (Feedback loops are the most powerful thing in the world!)

The thing is, it takes time and work to create an effective online presence that steers customers to your door and motivates them to act. If you don’t take the time and do the work, everything else you do is only a halfway measure.

But here’s the good news:

If you take that time and do that work, you’ll have done more than the vast majority of your competitors.
• Less than two-thirds of registered companies (64%) have a website.
• Only 54% of businesses use email marketing.
• Only 48% use social media.
• Only 30% track results.

And of those who do, 75% use only one of the above, and 83% use two or fewer!
So it won’t be a heavy lift to put you far above your competition.

More good news:

If you don’t have the time or expertise to put yourself in the top 20% of effective online marketers, we do.

Bottom line: Let’s win that bet together, and work out a marketing plan that puts you ahead of your competition.

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