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Keeping your LinkedIn Live Videos Alive

By Heshy Friedman

LinkedIn videos are a new and extremely valuable way to get your message out to your audience. Short, interesting and relevant video content can capture the audience’s attention like no other medium can, and are likely to be shared and popularized by your contacts when they see them in your feed.

LinkedIn also recently started “LinkedIn Live,” which lets you broadcast live directly to your audience. LinkedIn Live videos are then archived and remain in your feed after the event is over.

Unfortunately, as time goes on and you post new content, your videos will get buried further and further down in your feed, becoming increasingly harder to find. To make things worse, at present LinkedIn lacks any kind of search or filter tools for locating previous LinkedIn Live or video posts.

This was a problem for me. I wanted to have my videos archived and searchable. I did some investigating and realized that there was a way to create an indexed video archive.

LinkedIn assigns a unique, public URL to each LinkedIn Live stream (and video). These URLs can be captured and added to a pinned LinkedIn article page with introductory and descriptive text, creating a permanent, searchable archive.

For the time being I am keeping my videos on my YouTube Channel, and archiving LinkedIn Live content here on this page. I’ll keep you posted as I develop this tool and process further. Stay tuned!


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