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Let’s Get Analytical!

By Heshy Friedman

The key ingredients for a successful web strategy are:

  1. Be where your customers are searching
  2. Offer them something they want
  3. Provide an easy path to their objective on your website.

There’s a common denominator to all of these: You need to find out what your audience is actually doing right now. Can trust your instincts? Or would you rather collect data and tailor your website to actual customer behavior?

If you like that second option but assume it’s out of reach for all but the deep-pocketed big players, you’re in luck. Google Analytics is one of the best tools on the internet for figuring out what your customers want, and it’s available for free.
(Obviously, Google gets something it wants out of the deal—data on search and web usage trends. But that seems like a fair deal to us.)

We install Google Analytics on every website we build, and we can teach you how to get useful information out of it.

What kind of things can Google Analytics measure and report?

  • Search keywords and referrer pages that are leading people to your site
  • Devices people are using to visit your site, and general demographic info about visitors (age range, gender mix, locations, and even some information about their interests)
  • Pages visited in your domain—so you can identify dead ends or high-traffic pages
  • Bounce rate (traffic that leaves your site without interacting with it), and the page(s) where the bounces are occurring
  • Internal site search: what visitors are looking for on your site
  • And much more useful information that can help you tune your web presence to your audience’s needs.

As you can imagine, a tool this powerful has many functions for gathering, analyzing and reporting the information it gathers. But even using just the most basic functions can give you significant insights you can use to analyze your website’s performance, improve your users’ experience while visiting your site, and help guide your marketing (both on and off the internet).

Bottom line: Knowledge is power, and Google Analytics gives you the power.

We can help. Contact us today for more information.

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