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Mobile Landing Page Vs. Multi-Page Site

By Heshy Friedman

More and more people are browsing online with their smartphones, and the trend only continues to rise. Mobile users are often looking for basic information, so it’s important to keep a site design in mind for this. Mobile websites are made to fit the small resolution of the phones, and have enhanced navigation and controls specifically designed to enhance the mobile navigation experience. A website with a mobile version will contain “browser sniffing code”, which will detect the browser type. If it detects a large screen browser, the regular website will load, and if it detects a mobile device or small resolution screen, the mobile version will load. This is all automated within the code.

There are two types of mobile websites:

  • Multi-Page Mobile Website
  • Mobile Landing Page

Mobile Website
Multi-Page Mobile Websites
are websites that have multiple pages with a navigation menu. They can be a full version of the main website, with the same exact page names and content, but may also be a stripped down version of the main website. The stripped-down version is still multiple pages with navigation, but contains less content and easier navigation formatted specially for mobile reading. Some mobile websites even contain shopping carts and data-driven content in a more friendly format for small screens.

Mobile Landing Page
Mobile Landing Pages
are single page websites with the basic information such as logo, phone number, and the rest of the contact info on one page formatted for a mobile device screen. These pages allow someone doing a quick search to find the important info they need from their mobile device, and also allow a link to the phone number to allow calling directly from the phone by clicking the link. Mobile Landing Pages usually have a buttons or link on the bottom of the page to view the full site where more information is available.

While many companies prefer a Multi-page website
for versatility and professionalism, the mobile landing page is a quicker and more affordable option. These are very easy to setup and in many cases will only be an hour or two of work. Being that a mobile option can be so quick and affordable, there really is no excuse today not to have at mobile website, even if it is just a simple mobile landing page.

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