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Personalization is the Key

By Heshy Friedman

With today’s tools, anyone can build a website. So why choose us?

Wix, Squarespace, and other site builder applications all make the same promise: Anyone can build a website.

They’re not wrong. Just sign up, look through their templates, pick one in your business category, fill it with your own copy, and there you are—you have a website.

Sort of.

“Build-your-own” website solutions start by having you choose a stock template. That creates two major problems: it will only be an approximate fit to your unique needs at best, and your website will always resemble every other site that used that template.

Now it’s time to create the website’s content—your unique sales proposition. No matter how attractive a design you choose, unless you’re already an online marketing pro or a professional copywriter, you can only hope that you’re capable of telling your story flawlessly and making a compelling case for the visitor to take action. How will you know if your approach was the right one? Is your copy clean, error-free, and persuasive? Do you have an expert you can ask?


Lost opportunity costs, and more.

Every hour you spend on this process of trial-and-error is time you’re not devoting to your business. Can your business afford to wait while you figure out how to build an effective, competition-beating website? And are you ready to make a continuous effort to keep your site fresh as time goes on?


There’s a better choice.

At Radial Marketing Group, we feel strongly that your best interests are served by having an experienced, professional team create your online presence. Starting with a robust foundation that is ready to handle your present and future needs, we create a custom-tailored, elegant design that presents a clear, effective sales message, and offers the visitor a clear path towards your desired actions.

We focus our entire effort on building a unique, personalized website that supports your brand or identity. A customized online presence makes a powerful statement: you are serious about competing with the best.

We can set you up to add your own content such as success stories, white papers, and blog posts, or we can do all that for you. We can also provide a complete social media solution that will complement your website. And we keep our eye on the latest styles, technologies, and trends, so you don’t fall behind your peers as they change.


We’ve got this.

You stay focused on your business with the peace of mind of knowing that we’ve got your back. Why? Because we are stakeholders in your success—we only succeed when you succeed. Can a do-it-yourself, online site builder app say the same?

Ready to make your personal online statement? We can help. Contact us today for more information.

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