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“See Inside” Online Virtual Tour

By Heshy Friedman

Google Virtual Tour

What is an Online Virtual Tour?

An online virtual tour is a three dimensional rendering of an environment that can be viewed in a web browser. Web visitors can view your space by virtually moving through a location, while panning through a 360-degree visualization. This is accomplished with a series of photographs that are pieced together to create the impression of real space, or “spherical stitching”.

Why Create a Virtual Tour?

Providing a virtual tour for your web visitors shows that you have a professional working space and atmosphere. It shows the workings of your company and its efficiency, creating confidence and an impression of presence for both potential and existing customers in the staff and environment. If your services include the use of the environment itself, such as a hotel, managed care facility, or restaurant, a virtual tour is extremely beneficial since it will show potential customers your property in a positive way, and influence them to patronize you.

Website Benefits

An online virtual tour increases traffic and interest to your website. A tour is much more effective than static photographs, and is easily shared. Additionally, since the tour is posted directly to Google, it will be available directly on Google when anyone types in the name of your company.

What can we Provide?

We can facilitate the complete process of having an online virtual tour of your workspace. We’ll arrange for our Google-trusted photography partner to visit your facility, map out the location, and proceed with the best plan for the tour. Once the photographs are completed and processed, the tour will appear on your Google business profile for the world to see and share, under the “See Inside” option. It will also be available on Google Maps street view. We will then upload the tour link to your website as well, so that it’s accessible to all your website visitors. We can take care of every aspect of your virtual tour efficiently and get the job done effectively for you.

Your business looks better in 3D!

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