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The Making of a Professional Website

By Heshy Friedman

There is much thought that goes into the making a professional website. Many websites today are just slapped together from a template, without understanding the goals and needs of the business to accomplish with their website. The objective of a website is to give thought and strategy to the target audience, and how to attract and interest them with your product and services through your website.

After analyzing the needs of the business and how to attract their target audience, the next step is to outline the specs for the design. The standard components include:

  • Header (with logo and navigation menu)
  • Site banner (can be hero image, slider, parallax scroll) with message
  • Intro text
  • Homepage Content blocks
  • Footer

Each one of these needs to be thought out and professionally done.

Please watch my short video below where I outline some tips discussing the above elements practically and professionally.


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