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The Web is Changing – Make sure to stay up to date!

By Heshy Friedman

Don’t Fall Behind!

When deciding to use a company to use their services or buy their products, we often look for their website to find out more about them. The website is their tool to publicly represent themselves. If their website is out of date, we assume that their company is also out of date and lacks professionalism. Don’t let your company be like that! Stay up-to-date and make sure your prospects think of you as cutting edge. If your site was designed over three years ago, it’s already out of date! Your website visitors will notice this and make important decisions about you based on how they see you represent yourself. Make sure to not fall behind and let your website get rusty.


Emerging Technologies

Blogs, mobile sites, web video, animated sliders, social media, ipads, tablets, etc. These are Internet buzzwords we are all hearing. These technologies are all changing the face of the web. Stay up to date and don’t fall behind! Here is a brief description of these emerging technologies:

  • Blog Websites: Blogs are a popular way of presenting content and getting information out in the world. Our company can configure most of the standard blog types such as WordPress and Blogspot, or we can configure a custom blog for you.
  • Mobile Websites: Many organizations are joining the mobile-friendly world by developing websites specifically designed for smartphones. This is a new service being offered by our company, so get on the bandwagon and have us create a fast-loading, efficient, and trendy mobile site for your organization.
  • Social Media Integration: Social Media has taken the Internet by storm. Our company can take care of all forms of social media for you, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.
  • Web Animation & Sliders: Jquery and other technologies such as AJAX are being used increasingly to make websites come alive with interactive animations. From smooth page transitions and sliders to complex interactive presentations, our company can provide you with any animation needs.
  • Web Video: Of all the new tools on the web, web video is certainly the most important new standard. Its use is becoming increasingly apparent and integrated. From seamless integration of video into your website in a fast streaming format, to simple YouTube video posting and embedding, our company can optimize your site and enhance it with effective web video.
  • Email Blasts: Our company can produce dynamic, automated email newsletters and blasts, as well as assist you with setting up an email list. We can design the templates for your email blasts as well as integrate the newsletter functionality within your website with administration controls and options that allow users to subscribe and unsubscribe on their own.

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