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Is your Website Ripe for a PPC Campaign?

By Heshy Friedman

PPC campaign

Having a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign such as Google AdWords, or online advertising with venues like Facebook, is a great way to increase exposure to your website. These campaigns can definitely build website traffic, but is it the purpose of the campaign to only build traffic? Overall, the entire marketing strategy should be visited first, and the purpose of the campaign should be to ultimately bring in sales, not just traffic.

It’s important to include online advertising and PPC campaigns as part of an overall strategic marketing campaign. However, it’s imperative to make sure all other marketing aspects, especially the onsite ones, are in healthy order first. This includes the website being in good condition, being up-to-date, user-friendly, and using a responsive design to properly render on mobile devices. It also includes making sure pages have proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tags and text, online reputation in order, an email marketing campaign, and social media up to date and engaging.

On several occasions, I have seen companies invest heavily in PPC campaigns, only to have users who clicked on the links or ads be taken to an old and outdated website where it’s very difficult to find things or complete a transaction. The infrastructure needs to be fixed first, so that when spending money to send visitors to a site, they have a positive experience which ultimately ends up in a sale.

There is no point spending money sending people to your website and having them leave only a few seconds later when they are not impressed. Spend that advertising money on fixing the site – and then on a PPC campaign!

I know of one particular company that invests very heavily in PPC, spending roughly $20,000 a month in Google advertising. However, they don’t even have a Google My Business listing with their basic company information, and have only 4 reviews, with 2 of them being negative! It behooves me to question how they can spend so much in marketing and just blow right over the obvious items to be addressed first. With a fraction of their monthly budget, they can fix most of their problems.

The bottom line is that while PPC and advertising campaigns are important, and should be part of an overall marketing strategy, it is crucial to work on more general, and sometimes very simple, marketing items first.

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