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What is an Infographic?

By Heshy Friedman

Chances are unless you have been living under a rock you have heard of infographics, though you might not be sure just what they are. You see them in articles and shared on social media sites, but what are they and what do they all have in common? More importantly, what’s the point of making them?

What is an Infographic?

How do Infographics Work?

An infographic uses visuals and text to tell a complicated story in a simple and quickly digestible way. The average person spends less than two minutes on a web page, and it can be even less than that if you don’t find a way to grab their attention within the first 30 seconds. Infographics can explain anything from adulting 101 to why there isn’t a cure for cancer yet quickly and authoritatively.

Infographics have a story to tell- they aren’t just a collection of bar graphs and pie charts with no point or narrative. If you just need to illustrate data, use a data visualization.

When and How do I Use Infographics?

When you want to tell a complicated story in a simple way, use an infographic. Always try to make the topic relevant and useful to your target audience. Even if you really want to illustrate your latest whitepaper as a rational argument for why your goods or services are necessary, don’t. That’s not the point. The point is to build a relationship with your potential customer base by giving them something they can use. Pick a topic and stick to it, and make sure it’s interesting. If you make something good enough other people will want to share it with the world on your behalf.

when do i use infographics?

Where do Infographics Come From?

There are lots of sites out there making DIY infographics. While that can be a great introduction to infographics, as the old saying goes you get what you pay for. The highest quality infographics are produced by teams, because no one person has all the expertise to do all the work alone. An infographic design agency like our partner NowSourcing has the team and the know-how to take your campaign to the next level.

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