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Why Businesses Should Blog

By Heshy Friedman

Why BlogBlogs have become standard equipment on many corporate websites, and they can be extremely useful for businesses and organizations. It takes a considerable amount of time and effort to write professional and interesting content, but it does pay off and it will help build your business in the long-run.

One of the primary purposes of a blog is to show that a company or organization has staff who are passionate and professional about their industry. A blog has the empowering effect of letting everyone know that the bloggers feel comfortable publishing their observations and experiences in a professional setting. This pays off when visitors looking at the website see an active blog with updated articles. Even if they don’t read the articles, visitors will likely scan the headlines and be impressed.

A healthy blog has new content published on a regular basis, and these posts are often useful to others. Specific articles of interest can be sent as links to relevant parties to explain a procedure, provide technical support, or show how something works. A potential customer can also be shown a relevant article and be impressed that what they are looking at has already been posted in an article published on your blog. And content adds up quickly. By making posts on a regular basis, the archive of articles of interest accumulate, and you’ll have more relevant items to send both potential and existing customers.

Another very important benefit of a blog is that it can help your website search results. Search engines such as Google crave quality content that is original. Blog postings that have been specifically written for your website will contain keyword terms that are picked up by the searches. The more you blog, the more keywords in sentence format you’ll have that can help you.

Search engines also like to see content updates on your website, and use this as one of their determining ranking factors. Static websites that don’t have much activity or many updates look dusty to the search engines and this can definitely affect rankings. Blog posts give you the ability to show the search engines frequent content updates on your website. Good articles also will get shared and linked to by others, which also will benefit your rankings positively.


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