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Why I Started This Blog

By Heshy Friedman

Welcome to the new Radial Web Blog! I just finished setting this up today, and am quite excited to get this project off the ground. I chose WordPress because it’s the most dynamic and accepted format for creating blog posts. One of the services that I offer is blog setup, so I felt that it is important for me to have my own web design and development blog to share my thoughts and musings. In today’s technological world, information is valuable. I know that I have an experienced knowledge of web design and related topics that could be useful to others, and I have the desire to share this with you!

It’s very important for my potential clients to see this blog and realize that Radial Web is a dynamic, forward-thinking company. So besides for the valuable content which I hope to provide, I would like this to be a showcase for my portfolio. Additionally, this will be very helpful for my SEO rankings. Search engines like dynamic and fresh content, and I can use this forum to provide legitimate inbound links with valuable keywords and content that is freshly added on a regular basis.

I have two other blogs which I setup and maintain. One of them is Harriman Hiker, my hiking blog which documents my weekly hiking excursions. The other is my Minerals.net Blog, which outlines my updates on my extensive Minerals.net website. Harriman Hiker is done in Blogger, and was set up before WordPress was as popular as it is today. The Minerals.net Blog is running BlogEngine.net integrated within the Asp.net code of the website. This is effectively my first personal WordPress blog, and I hope I can inspire you.

– Heshy

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