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WIX Websites

By Heshy Friedman

WIX Websites

Wix (officially known as Wix.com) is a website tool that uses drag and drop to setup and design websites. For the most part, it is an amateur tool allowing those with limited technical background to set up their own websites. Wix websites generally are easy to set up, and can be set up very quickly based on configuring existing template.

Wix is a site builder tool, as opposed to a website framework. Unlike WordPress, which is open-source and allows you to custom-code website components in your own server environment, Wix is limited to the site builder tools they provide on their system. This means that you can use it only within the parameters defined by its creators, and can’t utilize any custom features or theme options if they aren’t pre-built within an available package.

I have seen only a handful of websites designed professionally with Wix. Since Wix is used mostly by amateurs, Wix websites for the most part are poorly designed, often having the theme template butchered with wrongly sized graphics and text that wraps over its intended margins. Even Wix websites that have been more properly configured with someone who has a better feeling for graphics still have a very canned, template-like feel, often with quirky content blocks and the wrong types of pictures that were never properly swapped.

One of the more amusing things I often notice with Wix websites is that many users forget to change the link location of their social media icons (or forget to remove them if they don’t have Social Media pages.) On these Wix sites, when clicking the Facebook link, instead of linking to the company’s Facebook page, it instead goes to Facebook.com.

As far as cost is concerned, Wix is definitely affordable. Although there is a free version, it’s not practical at all because you cannot connect it to your own domain name. The most basic premium account that doesn’t include Wix ads and allows you to connect your own domain costs $10/month. While this is certainly much more affordable than having a professional company design and host a website, at the end of the day the site will be lacking in professionalism and will present the organization in an amateurish way.

The bottom line is that although Wix is popular, it should be used only for personal websites where a professional presence is not a requirement. I would recommend Wix only when setting up a personal type of website where the goal is to minimize costs, and where professionalism isn’t a requirement. Professional organizations should not be cheap and cut corners with a Wix website. And although there is a technique to achieving a level of professionalism with a Wix website, for the time, effort, and cost of this, you are better off with a hosted website solution.

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