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Your Business’ “My Business”

By Heshy Friedman

Google-my-listingFirst Impressions Are Important
The very first thing seen when a company name is entered into a Google search is a company preview window. This is a small snapshot on the right side of the browser screen that provides a glimpse of your website and business. This glimpse is generated by Google’s “My Business” (formerly known as Google Local Listing.)

User Controlled
What appears in that window is almost entirely user-controlled. This includes your basic company information, hours, and images of the work environment. The more you provide to Google on your “My Business” profile, the more you’ll have to show in this preview. It is critical that you not only put good information here, but information that is relevant to your clients to make that vital first impression.

Updating your Profile & SEO
In addition to current and potential customers being able to easily find your phone number, website, and company preview, you can easily update the information in your “My Business” profile at any time to ensure that all your information is accurate and the profile is complete. Google will also index and update any information provided, assimilating it into their database, which they will use to their and your advantage by providing anyone searching with the most relevant information, aiding your SEO tremendously.

Viewing your Viewers
How are visitors interacting with your site? Where do they come from? Google “My Business” lets you find out, as it monitors traffic to your site, allowing you to view the number of visitors that come from Google, and how many are clicking on your number or address to find out how to reach you.

Creating your Profile
This process of creating a “My Business” profile is simple, and it is often overlooked. All too often, we find that our new clients either never had this set up, or the set up was done incorrectly. The first step is to register at www.google.com/mybusiness with a valid Google/Gmail account. Once you set up your profile, Google will mail a postcard to the address submitted with a code. Once that code is entered on your page, your account is “verified” and you can add more details and further customize it.

Google My Business is an integral part of an SEO plan, allowing you to display what is unique about your company. One of the elementary objectives we perform in an SEO strategy is setting up and properly configuring your “My Business” page, giving your customers, in an immediate Google search, a glimpse of what you can offer them.

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